A collection of things I enjoy with my time.

Here, you can find some other things that are of interest to me.


I have been using computers all my life, and I have always had a fascination with these machines. My love of computers has directly influenced my interests.


As someone who uses NixOS, I am extremely interested in the Nix world.

  • Nix language/package manager
  • nixpkgs, a collection of Nix expressions for building packages, including packages required for the NixOS operating system
  • The home-manager project, for managing your home directory dotfiles in a Nix-y way. I have made several contributions to home-manager:

In addition, as I enjoy C programming, but enjoy the type-correctness of Haskell, Rust has been of particular interest for me.


Also, as a Computer Engineer, I am also thoroughly interested by the hardware side of things too. As far as computer/CPU architectures are concerned, I am interested in RISC-V.
During the spring semester of 2021, I will be conducting research in this area, in collaboration with Alexander Lukens.


To stay fit and healthy, I regularly:

  • Go on runs several miles long
  • Practice Tang Soo Do
    • 3rd Degree Black Belt


I have learned Spanish to a near fluent capacity.
I also started learning Swedish, while studying abroad at Lunds Tekniska Högskola.


Throughout much of my life, I played the oboe. During school, I have not had much time to practice, but my passion for performing music has never left me.


I enjoy television just as much as the next person.

Some of my favorite shows are:

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