Karl Hallsby

An explorer of high-level computation in a low-level fashion

I am Karl Hallsby, and am currently a student at Illinois Institute of Technology.
Online, you can typically find me by the handle/username KarlJoad.

I am a responsible, independent self-starter, who is quick-learning, and goal-oriented. Currently a Masters degree-seeking student with knowledge of computer hardware and software design, and experience in leading projects in a multinational corporation. I have expertise in digital hardware design, software engineering, and system security.

I am a GNU Emacs user, and my dotfiles can be found here. I also use NixOS, my dotfiles for various machines are here. To manage my home directory’s dotfiles, I use home-manager, whose dotfiles can be found here. You can find the source for this website here.

As a developer, I am proficient in:

For further exploration of my work, please see my GitHub.

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